PIC Media

Policy Impact Communications offers comprehensive worldwide public relations services, specializing in aggressive, concentrated campaigns for clients of all sizes.

PIC Media

Whether the objective be to influence popular opinion, promote legislative or regulatory initiatives, brand and build a corporate reputation, manage an international crisis, coordinate sensitive litigation communication, or improve corporate communications, Policy Impact provides the tools and professional experience necessary for success.

From research and analysis to strategic development and implementation, every public relations project at Policy Impact is managed by one of the firm’s partners, a professional with decades of experience in media and corporate communications, as well as years of political and government service. Some of our specific public relations offerings include the following

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Media Management

Policy Impact aggressively and strategically moves client messages by pitching journalists and editors, and managing news conferences and special events.

Campaign Consulting

Our seasoned political experts have decades of experience advising on campaigns to ensure consistent messaging and issue positioning, as well as manage crises and image issues as they arise.

Daily Digests

Policy Impact provides comprehensive, daily reports of news and information related to clients’ campaigns and media developments that affect their industries and business, delivered each morning to your inbox.

Editorial Services

Media releases, speeches, op-eds, white papers, collateral materials, articles, blogs, and website development and management are among the full array of professional editorial services Policy Impact offers to meet every need.

Podcasting & Videocasting

With in-house audio and video expertise, Policy Impact offers cutting-edge media services to write, produce, and broadcast client messages.

Pundit on Demand®

Policy Impact also produces Pundit on Demand, the proprietary HTML news story-to-go for clients aiming to position themselves as experts in specific fields.

Grassroots Organization & Mobilization

Through valuable strategic alliances, Policy Impact provides clients with comprehensive grassroots and grasstops services, including major coalition development for political and commercial activities. Working seamlessly with national grassroots organizations, our team builds powerful synergy for action in the legislative and regulatory processes, using specific demographic groups and industries. These large grassroots and coalition mobilization efforts serve client interests in political campaigns and issue advocacy, in addition to policy development, adoption, and implementation.