PIC Creative

As part of Policy Impact’s complete line of services, the firm provides award-winning advertising, marketing, and branding solutions in all media channels—digital and social media, video, print, direct response, television, and radio.

PIC Creative

Policy Impact maintains in-house technical resources and expertise to move quickly and cost-effectively on any project, from a series of commercials for a coalition promoting congressional action to a national branding campaign for a new consumer product or an international effort to manage a crisis.

When other communications companies take weeks and months to develop, focus, hone, and deliver the right message, Policy Impact can cut the turnaround to days—and even hours, in certain cases—through its comprehensive in-house resources and strategic alliances that provide everything from opinion research and electronic focus groups to studio production, editing, and full-service media buying.

The ability to turn around major advertising projects quickly sets our firm apart from other public relations and advertising companies, making it invaluable and essential in the heat of a major political or marketing initiative.

Some of the specific aspects in which we specialize include the following:

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Policy Impact has produced award-winning advertisements for public policy advocacy and political campaigns, as well as consumer products, specializing in television, print, radio, and digital media.


From crafting corporate identity to preparing a spot for the Super Bowl, Policy Impact uses in-house resources to meet every corporate and branding need efficiently and cost-effectively.

Direct Marketing

When appropriate to client objectives, our team implements small- or large-scale direct marketing campaigns to drive results for our clients.

Graphic Design

Our in-house resources include skilled and comprehensive graphic design services for every project from logo development to ad and website design.

Media Buying

Media Buying We handle placement and planning of all client advertising, leveraging our industry relationships to ensure cost-effective campaigns for our clients.

Print Design and Production

From engaging brochures, posters, and corporate reports to full-length books, Policy Impact’s art department maintains the resources and technology necessary to meet any and every need.

Video and Film Production

Policy Impact will move your message from script to screen quickly and more cost-effectively than any other service in Washington, D.C., with advanced in-house video, audio, and editing facilities.

Website Development

Our team works with clients to create new websites or revamp existing sites, managing everything from copywriting to graphic design and coding.